Here's ours.

THE GIST We make rad audiobooks.

THE LONGER VERSION We make rad audiobooks. We believe stories change the world. And we tell stories to do just that. We like the ones that prompt us to see from new places and examine assumptions we didn't know we had. The ones that inspire growth and exploration and invite us into fuller expression.

THE BACKSTORY Spoken Word Inc. was founded in a farmhouse in southern Vermont near the rolling hills of Bennington. As a senior in college, our founder Ben Matchar published his first audiobook: Wednesday's Child by Deborah and Joel Shlian.

Since, we've created an ecosystem of creatives who partner with authors and publishers as they launch their stories into the digital world. Today, our cozy recording studio is nested in the mythical Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. We can't wait to walk, and listen, by your side.

Here are some audiobooks we've produced.


As writers, designers, artists and humanists, we relish each project that comes to the table, allowing us to birth something true and real and powerful alongside you, the creator. Here are a few of our collective tenets...


Dreamers. Doers. Shakers. Makers. Storytellers. 


Here we are--the brains and hearts outside the recording studio, inside the Mac editing audio, and helping you navigate your project from start to finish. 


Ben Matchar
Founder + CEO


Dave Burr
Lead Sound Engineer

Sam Thompson
Software Developer