Written by Dylan Hicks

Narrated by Christina Traister

Archer is a semi-celebrated novelist and sex-toy heir. His best friend, John, is as earnest as Archer is feckless. John's girlfriend, Sara, envies Archer's writing career. And Sara's roommate, Lucas, wishes he'd never lost his girlfriend to the man. Money, friendship, and resentment unspool in the conversations we have as we're coming of age and coming to grips.

Dylan Hicks is a writer and musician. His first novel, Boarded Windows, was published in 2012, along with a companion album of original songs, Dylan Hicks Sings Bolling Greene. His journalism has appeared in the Village Voice, The New York Times, The Guardian, The Star Tribune, and elsewhere. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife, Nina Hale, and their son, Jackson.

Praise for Dylan Hicks:

"Hicks is a terrific writer who can craft a simile with the best of them." - Kirkus Reviews

"The joy in Hicks' debut arises less from plot than from the writing itself: nuanced, ingenious, perceptive, funny." - The Star Tribune