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Željka Gortinski presents her first recording of Serbian Folk Poems, oral poetry that has been…(more)


Elsa Fisher is headed for rock bottom. At least, that’s her plan. She has just been fired from MoMA on the...(more)

Bad Sex.jpg


Brett is in Central America, away from her husband, when she begins a love affair with his friend, Eduard…(more)

The Passion According to G.H..jpg

The Passion According to G.H.

The Passion According to G.H., Clarice Lispector’s mystical novel of 1964, concerns a well-to-do Rio…(more)

Viking Economics.jpg


Liberals worldwide invoke Scandinavia as a promised land of equality, while most conservatives fear…(more)

The Acorn Principle.jpg

The Acorn Principle

Self-awareness - knowing your nature, your abilities, and how you react to people and situations - may…(more)

Ben Behind His Voice.jpg

Ben Behind His Voices

When readers first meet Ben, he is a sweet, intelligent, seemingly well-adjusted youngster. Fast…(more)

The Agile Samurai.jpg

The Agile Samurai

Faced with a software project of epic proportions? Tired of over-committing and under-delivering? Enter the…(more)

The Healthy Programmer.jpg

The Healthy Programmer

To keep doing what you love, you need to maintain your own systems, not just the ones you write code for…(more)

No Joy.jpg

No joy

Joining the Marines in 2002, David Rose signed up to go fight ... and to go die. On this grim path, rather…(more)

The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe.jpg

The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe

Professor Vellitt Boe teaches at the prestigious Ulthar Women's College. When one of her most gifted…(more)

The Little Book of Sitcom.jpg

The Little Book of Sitcom

Writing situation comedies isn't really that hard. So much of what you need to know is already defined for you…(more)

Wait Till You See Me Dance.jpg

Wait Till You See Me Dance

For more than 10 years, Deb Olin Unferth has been publishing startlingly askew, wickedly comic…(more)



Archer is a semi-celebrated novelist and sex-toy heir. His best friend, John, is as earnest as Archer is…(more)

The Fabric of Autism.jpg

The Fabric of Autism

In The Fabric of Autism: Weaving the Threads into a Cogent Theory, Judith Bluestone combines her…(more)

Lucy in the Sky.jpg

Lucy in the Sky

A coming-of-age tale set in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1969, Lucy in the Sky lightly touches on such…(more)

Boring to Bravo.jpg

Boring to Bravo

This book shows experienced presenters how to transform boring monologues into scintillating…(more)

The Humor Advantage.jpg

The Humor Advantage

Your culture is your number-one competitive advantage. But here's the rub: Inspiring cultures don't…(more)

Soul Medicine.jpg

Soul Medicine

Every now and again, one comes across an audiobook that opens the heart and lets the soul sing…(more)

The Gift of Age.jpg

The Gift of Age

A blend of touching stories, fascinating facts, and rollicking humor is presented in this entertaining look at the…(more)

Beginner's Guide to a Head-On Collision.jpg

Beginner's Guide to a Head-On Collision

Beginner's Guide to a Head-on Collision offers the deeply moving poetic memoir of Sebastian…(more)

Somewhere in a Town You Never Knew Existed Somewhere.jpg

Somewhere in a Town You Never Knew Existed Somewhere

Somewhere in a Town You Never Knew Existed Somewhere is a book that speaks directly to society's…(more)



In Seduction, renowned author Rachel Allen, in her quest for independence and relief from her PTSD sym…(more)



Reverend Maloney isn't the world's greatest spiritual advisor. He drinks gin out of his coffee cup and has s…(more)

Obama Confidential.jpg

Obama Confidential

In this outrageous collection of fake letters to the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama…(more)

Alvin's Laws of Life.jpg

Alvin's Laws of Life

An inspirational story from this well-known disabled author. Many people have been fortunate enough…(more)

The Unspeakable.jpg

The Unspeakable

It is the mid-1980s, the era of so-called reformist apartheid, and South Africa is in flames. Police and military…(more)

The Thirty Monumental Principles to Affluence.jpg

The Thirty Monumental Principles to Affluence

This work provides the blueprint for affluence; a totally new level of existence a condition where life…(more)

The Twenty Golden Rules to Eminence.jpg

The Twenty Golden Rules to Eminence

The Twenty Golden Rules to Eminence are commonly known as "The Hefty Twenty." These are the…(more)

The Albuquerque Turkey.jpg

The Albuquerque Turkey

After their last big con netted them a nice chunk of change, Radar Hoverlander and his grifter…(more)

Butterfly Waltz.jpg

Butterfly Waltz

Desmond Fairweather, a young musician whose creative efforts are hampered by fears he may…(more)

The Eight Keys to the Treasure Vault Series.jpg

The Eight Keys to the Treasure Vault Series

The Eight Keys To The Treasure Vault Series includes the following: "The Magical Power of the Keys"…(more)

Million-Dollar Concepts in Business Series.jpg

Million-Dollar Concepts in Business Series

Million-Dollar Concepts in Business Series includes the following: "The Components of a Successful…(more)

300 Arguments

300 Arguments, a foray into the frontier of contemporary nonfiction writing, is at first glance a group of...(more)

Branding Basics for Small Business, 2nd Edition.jpg


In Branding Basics for Small Business, marketing expert Maria Ross shares real-life examples and expert…(more)

60, Sex & Tango.jpg


Beatnik baby boomer Joan Moran thinks it is time to get rid of all the old clichés about getting older. In…(more)

Notes to a Software Team Leader.jpg

Notes to a Software Team Leader

Team leadership is the missing link that connects all the buzzwords you hear these days about unit testing…(more)

Near to the Wild Heart.jpg

Near to the Wild Heart

This new translation of Clarice Lispector's sensational first book tells the story of a middle class…(more)

Decide To Play Great Poker.jpg

Decide to Play Great Poker

Ask the great poker players how they'd play a hand and the answer is always "it depends." That answer can…(more)

Henry Miller on Writing.jpg

Henry Miller on Writing

Some of the most rewarding pages in Henry Miller's books concern his self-education as a writer…(more)

The Developer's Code.jpg

The Developer's Code

You're already a great coder, but awesome coding chops aren't always enough to get you through your…(more)

Last Sext.jpg

Last Sext

What emerges is an infinite series of false endings - each a trap door containing the…(more)

Fanny Says.jpg

Fanny Says

An "unleashed love song" to her late grandmother, Nickole Brown's collection brings her brassy, bawdy…(more)



Why are most slogans and taglines ineffective? Because they're just words and a mind cannot understand…(more)

The Sarah Book.jpg

The Sarah Book

The Sarah Book is Scott McClanahan's continuation of the semi-autobiographical portrait he's…(more)

Musical Morphine.jpg

Musical Morphine

Robin Russell Gaiser is a certified music practitioner (CMP), a trained specialist who provides therapeutic…(more)

What's Right with Me.jpg

What's Right with Me?

What's Right with Me? is an interactive workshop in an audiobook created by inspirational speaker/author…(more)

The Gift of Age.jpg

The Gift of Age

A blend of touching stories, fascinating facts, and rollicking humor is presented in this entertaining look…(more)

The Healthy Girl's Guide to Breast Cancer.jpg

The Healthy Girl's Guide to Breast Cancer

Cancer stories usually start with some kind of struggle or fight. This story starts with a song…(more)

Tales of Falling and Flying.jpg

Tales of Falling and Flying

Ben Loory returns with a second collection of timeless tales, inviting us to enter his worlds of…(more)

Voices Behind the Wall.jpg

Voices Behind the Wall

These reflections by male inmates, recorded by a prison psychologist, are brief, sometimes only a few lin…(more)

Karma's Law.jpg

Karma's Law

A tangled tale of murder, malice, and revenge. Charming Tate Sawyer, a serial Casanova, is found murdered…(more)

Impact - A Leadership Fable.jpg


Impact: A Leadership Fable is an inspirational tale of how to be a quality leader while maintaining values…(more)

Intelligent Influence.jpg

Intelligent Influence

Intelligent influence is defined as "a learned competency that leads to extraordinary results driven by…(more)

Climb On!.jpg

Climb On!

In this high-altitude adventure tale, a fictional student is moved to Sin City, Las Vegas. Forty minutes a…(more)

The Ten Supreme Laws to Power.jpg

The Ten Supreme Laws to Power

The Ten Supreme Laws to Power, commonly known as "The Mighty Ten", are the supreme laws of busi…(more)

The Second Rat.jpg

The Second Rat

A dying man discovers that he has the power to rewind time…(more)

WikiLeaks and the Age of Transparency.jpg

WikiLeaks and the Age of Transparency

The United States government is diligent - some might say to the point of obsession - in defending its…(more)

The Superior Foundation for Engineering and Sciences.jpg

The Superior Foundation for Engineering and Sciences

The Superior Foundation For Engineering and Science includes the following: "The Scientific…(more)

Dead Air.jpg

Dead Air

Talk is cheap, but when this radio host takes action, she may pay the ultimate price…(more)

The Crowning Philosophy of Investment.jpg

The Crowning Philosophy of Investment

The Crowning Philosophy of Investment offers a "New Paradigm," a modern way of thinking that can turn…(more)

The HoHo Dojo.jpg

The HoHo Dojo

The place where we come together to learn, to practice, and to wake up to the full joy of possibility and...(more)

World Series of Murder.jpg

World Series of Murder

Ever wonder about the origins of Vic Mirplo, Radar Hoverlander's outrageously flaky sidekick in…(more)

Something You Could Touch.jpg

Something You Could Touch

Brian Heffron's debut spoken-word poetry album. Brian’s life, background, and experiences allow him to…(more)

Last Judgement.jpg

Last Judgement

After losing his job at the Newsburge, Dylan Anderson's life hits rock bottom. Forced to forfeit his luxurious…(more)

Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine.jpg

Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine

The very short stories of Diane Williams have been aptly called "folk tales that hammer like a nail gun," and…(more)

little birds

Evocative and superbly erotic, Little Birds is a powerful journey into the mysterious world of sex and...(more)

A Spy in the House of Love.jpg


Beautiful, bored, and bourgeoisie, Sabina leads a double life inspired by her relentless desire for brief…(more)

Hostage at the Table.jpg

Hostage at the Table

George Kohlrieser - an international leadership professor, consultant, and veteran hostage negotiator…(more)

Language and the Pursuit of Leadership Excellence.jpg

Language and the Pursuit of Leadership Excellence

Successful leaders build and maintain productive, mutually-beneficial relationships - inside and…(more)

Fire in the Valley.jpg

Fire in the Valley

In the 1970s, while their contemporaries were protesting the computer as a tool of dehumanization…(more)

The Selected Poems of Li Po.jpg

The Selected Poems of Li Po

Li Po (AD 701-762) lived in T'ang Dynasty China, but his influence has spanned the centuries: the pure…(more)

Literally Show Me a Healthy Person.jpg

Literally Show Me a Healthy Person

Darcie Wilder's Literally Show Me a Healthy Person is a careful confession soaking in saltwater, a size B…(more)

The River Bank.jpg

The River Bank

In this delightful dive into the bygone world of Kenneth Grahame's The Wind in the Willows staunch Mole…(more)



True crime, memoir, and ghost story, Mean is the bold and hilarious tale of Myriam Gurba’s coming-of-age…(more)

Someone Like Me.jpg

Someone Like Me

As a child, John Quinn had a dream of a naval career despite his affliction with cerebral palsy. After failing the…(more)

Spring and All.jpg

Spring and All

Spring and All is a manifesto of the imagination - a hybrid of alternating sections of prose and free…(more)

Senses of the Soul

Emotions can be tough, but there is a way to make them work for you. Heavy feelings are actually part of…(more)

The Divine Magnet.jpg

The Divine Magnet

If you don't know Melville's letters to Hawthorne, you don't know Melville. These letters are full of…(more)

Getting Naked.jpg

Getting Naked

If today you are no longer willing to settle for mediocrity in your work, relationships, and your life…(more)

Forest Primeval.jpg

Forest Primevil

"Another Anti-Pastoral," the opening poem of Forest Primeval, confesses that sometimes "words fail."…(more)

Jigsaw Youth.jpg

Jigsaw Youth

Lose your best friend because you finally Came Out. Spend days driving aimlessly because there's…(more)

Women Obsessed.jpg

Women Obsessed

Women Obsessed is a story about the psychological and emotional decline of two intelligent upper-middle…(more)

Something to Do with Self-Hate.jpg

Something to Do with Self-Hate

Following a summer's worth of drug abuse, epic alcohol benders, and promiscuous sexual misadv…(more)

The Berlin Deception.jpg

The Berlin Deception

John Becker is hot on the trail of Hitler's fatal weakness. The Gestapo is closing in. On foot, by train, even on…(more)

Bahamas West End Is Murder.jpg

Bahamas West End Is Murder

As vacationing Ben Candidi and Rebecca Levis sail through International Waters toward Grand Bahama…(more)



Lee Casey plays guitar in a noise band called Ottermeat, about to leave NJ, to try and make it in Los Angeles…(more)

A Tribute to Teachers.jpg

A Tribute to Teachers

Applauding the true heroes of the classroom, this compilation looks closely at the teachers who…(more)

Deciding Fate.jpg

Deciding Fate

Winner of the 2016 HOLT Medallion for Romantic Suspense. Fate isn't a decision that we get to make…(more)

Devil Wind.jpg

Devil Wind

Outspoken, brash New Yorker Sammy Greene needs a second chance. Fired from her job as a Washington TV…(more)

Rabbit in the Moon.jpg

Rabbit in the Moon

San Francisco, 1989: Forty years after Mao and his People's Liberation Army set poised to change China…(more)

The Essence of Being a Genius.jpg

The Essence of Being a Genius

This audio book is based upon the proven and basic principles presented in the book Advanced Principle…(more)



By a twist of fate, Senator Sarah Daniels Vanderhagen Mitchell (Dani) is the first woman Vice President of…(more)

Curious Critters Volume One.jpg

Curious Critters Volume One

Hear all 21 curious critters talk to you in their own, distinctive voices. Incredible voice-over talent, from…(more)

The Unique Science of Investment.jpg

The Unique Science of Investment

The Unique Science of Investment, also known as "The Science of Financial Resonance", is the modern…(more)

Curious Critters, Volume Two.jpg

Curious Critters, Volume Two

This audio book serves as a companion to the print and eBook versions, where unbelievably detailed…(more)

The Only Sun.jpg

The Only Sun

Sometimes life can feel sad and lonely. This can happen when we think of ourselves as being "different"…(more)

The Growing-Up Years.jpg

The Growing-Up Years

The short stories in The Growing-Up Years were contributed by different authors. The disarming and re…(more)

The Mind-Made Prison.jpg

The Mind-Made Prison

It takes you on a breathtaking journey through your psyche and shows you the exact things that are currently…(more)