Devil Wind.jpg

Devil Wind

Written by Deborah Shlian, Linda Reid

Narrated by Barbara Whitesides

Outspoken, brash New Yorker Sammy Greene needs a second chance. Fired from her job as a Washington TV producer, her midnight to three a.m. show, Sammy Greene on the LA Scene, at a small progressive radio station soon has Sammy ruffling the feathers of a popular Orange County Congressman. And everyone is listening.

December, 1999. Ten days before the new millennium. Already on edge with Santa Ana devil wind fanning fires threatening to engulf the city and Y2K looming, Sammy's callers imagine Armageddon - the perfect setting for a rogue CIA operative to manipulate fears as cover for his deadly plot.

A young woman's burned body identified as the wayward daughter of old friend, Gus Pappajohn, spurs the ex-campus cop to join Sammy in what may be a murder investigation, along the way exposing the seamy underbelly of Tinseltown. If Sammy's not careful this time, someone will make sure she's off the air for good.