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Getting Naked

Written and Narrated by Patrick Williams

If today you are no longer willing to settle for mediocrity in your work, relationships, and your life, this book is for you. Found here is the powerful secret to unlocking your fullest potential as a career person, a parent, a friend, a mate, a lover, a human being. How? Through getting naked.

Getting Naked is about living life as the fullest, most authentic version of you. It's about cutting the crap - releasing the baggage that has held you hostage for so long and embracing all of you; the good parts, the bad parts, the public parts, and the shadow parts, so you can integrate them and become an even stronger force of positivity in the universe, through the secrets of honest self-disclosure. (The key is to discover where and with whom to be emotionally naked - being vulnerable does not mean being stupid and careless.)

For example:

  • Practice being emotionally naked at the right place and the right time with the right people to release your negative patterns and create a provocative catalyst for reflection.

  • Uncover "new" or hidden parts of yourself that can guide you to create a more fulfilling life.

  • Apply the tools of naked self-disclosure to all areas of your life so you can enjoy greater meaning and satisfaction.

This is a book of stories, strategies, and tips, designed to overcome the negative self-narratives that obscure personal resilience and well-being. There comes a time when you have to defy the voices that hold you back. Getting Naked teaches you that it is your indisputable birthright to question any limitation - anything that gets in the way of your own magnificence. This book will provide you the inspiration, tools, self-discovery, and support to share your naked truth and in so doing to fulfill your uniqueness every day.