Impact - A Leadership Fable.jpg

Will you be remembered?

Do you have impact?

Impact: A Leadership Fable is an inspirational tale of how to be a quality leader while maintaining values we often lose sight of along the road to success.

This is not your typical list of ways to be a better leader. Galen uses storytelling to highlight the seductive traps every would-be leader must avoid, as well as principles to stay on the right course.

In this one leadership fable, Galen tells a story, shares tools to help chart a course to leadership success, and compiles real examples from leaders in business, education, and nonprofit sectors - all to reveal how you, too, can be a leader who matters to others, even when you're no longer present.

Whether you are a new front-line professional or an experienced leader heading a complex organization, it's possible to have confidence in the difference you are making - and it may be easier than you think.