Notes to a Software Team Leader.jpg

Notes to a Software Team Leader

Written by Roy Osherove

Narrated by Gord Edlund


Is your team agile and self-organizing?

What is your role as a leader?

Team leadership is the missing link that connects all the buzzwords you hear these days about unit testing, TDD, continuous integration, scrum, XP, and others to the real world where actual people have to learn, implement, and mainly, believe and push for this stuff to happen.

This audiobook is meant for software team leaders, architects, and anyone with a leadership role in the software business. Hear advice from real team leaders, consultants, and everyday gurus of management: Johanna Rothman, Uncle Bob Martin, Dan North, Kevlin Henney, Jurgen Appelo, Patrick Kua, and many others, each with their own little story and reason to say just one thing that matters the most to them about leading teams.

See what it'll feel like if you do things wrong, and what you can do about things that might go wrong, before they happen.