Save trees. Make an audiobook.


Making your audiobook is about retaining the integrity of your original work while forging something new. Audiobooks are the fastest growing format in publishing.


Audiobook production $500/FINISHED HR

We produce your project from top to bottom. From casting the perfect narrator, to recording, editing and mastering. You can choose to record in our studio in the mythical mountains of Asheville, narrate from the comfort of your home (yes, you'll receive a package of mics and local chocolate), or allow us to cast the perfect pro-narrator. Please contact us for a specific quote on your project.



Your audiobook cover is one of the most important aspects of marketing. We design covers that will pull your audience into your story. 



"Spoken Word Inc. made it so easy to collaborate on a project. Their team of editors, engineers, and designers were there every step of the way to turn my novel into an audio book that's not just suited for dentists. These guys are complete badasses with endless vision. They worked in flux with me to transform my novel into something beautiful."

BUD SMITH // Author of F250