Written by C.L. Bluestein

Narrated by Christa Lewis

In Seduction, renowned author Rachel Allen, in her quest for independence and relief from her PTSD symptoms, moves to New York City. There she reunites with Theodore X. Donovan, the man who saved her life from a brutal rapist years before. Ted, wealthy philanthropist with international connections and founder of The PRAISE Foundation, harbors a dangerous personal agenda.

Because of Rachel's and Ted's high profile work for human rights, both are invited to serve on an eight member presidential think tank that convenes at an isolated Lake George cabin in the Adirondack Mountains of NY. It is here that Rachel recognizes the depth of Ted's skewed sense of love and patriotism, forcing her to face her worst fears.

Meanwhile, the FBI, in pursuit of a serial killer with ties to PRAISE, needs to interview Ted who has accepted a covert deadly presidential mission with international repercussions. With many lives are at stake, a terrified Rachel must fight for her own life, love, and country.