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Senses of the Soul

Written and Narrated by Gurumeher Khalsa

Emotions can be tough, but there is a way to make them work for you. Heavy feelings are actually part of your sensory system. Just like your five senses, they help you get what you need and avoid harm.

Emotions are messengers, like an internal GPS. Your senses of the soul send out an SOS - a bad feeling - when something is going well, so you can make the situation better. When the problem is over, you feel good again. The problem is, we either ignore those messages or act them out instinctively.

The SOS method is a retraining on how to use the emotions. It works immediately for anyone who can sit still for a few minutes. A person first just needs a little guidance: that the emotion is trying to tell you something to help you. Then, with willingness to actually feel whatever you are feeling and ask what is needed, relief and real answers come.

The book is full of stories told by the people who discovered solutions within their feelings.