The HoHo Dojo.jpg

The HoHo Dojo

Written and Narrated by Billy Strean

The place where we come together to learn, to practice, and to wake up to the full joy of possibility and where we begin to feel the rapture of being alive through laughter and humor is the HoHo Dojo. The HoHo Dojo then becomes a place where people practice the humor and laughter ideas that are being taught. Over time, through practices, you will embody what is being taught. 

Although there are many valuable programs on humor and laughter, almost all of them only include one or two components of the person. A somatic sensibility from soma, the body in its wholeness undergirds this book. We will explore thinking, feeling, acting and the spiritual energy that surrounds us. 

Part of the beauty of being in the HoHo Dojo is that we are always learning, growing, in process and committed to having fun, laughing, and the joy of the journey. There is not necessarily any problem to be fixed and there is not a final destination at which to arrive. No belts will be handed out for passing milestones; the best measure of achievement is that you are becoming progressively more lighthearted and you are noticing that you laugh more. You will start to see that your relationships have less bickering and more snickering. You will find ways to get the job done while having more fun.