The Humor Advantage.jpg

The Humor Advantage

Written by Michael Kerr

Narrated by Chris Roman

Your culture is your number-one competitive advantage. But here's the rub: Inspiring cultures don't happen by accident. You can't buy, borrow, or fake a great culture. You need to be deliberate about building a truly inspiring culture. That's where The Humor Advantage comes in.

The Humor Advantage is packed with ideas on how you, your team, and your entire organization can put humor to work effectively in any business to get the results you need. But it's not just about fun. The Humor Advantage is a serious business book that describes how dozens of inspiring companies from around the world have built healthier, more innovative, and more service-driven cultures.

The books offers ideas on how to attract top talent, motivate employees, build a thriving, inspiring culture, reward and recognize employees, communicate more effectively, manage stress, spark creativity and innovation, and deliver customer service that truly rocks!