The Mind-Made Prison.jpg

The Mind-Made Prison

Written by Mateo Tabatabai

Narrated by Matt Stone

The Mind-Made Prison is a highly effective self-help and personal transformation guide.

It takes you on a breathtaking journey through your psyche and shows you the exact things that are currently causing you pain and how you can remove these elements from your life.

It is a must-listen for anyone interested in self-development and self-actualization.

By using the author's proven techniques of personal transformation, you can literally learn to design your life in any way you want.

By applying the teachings you will learn how to overcome any negative emotion, understand how your unique operating system functions, and experience natural self confidence in your daily life.

The mind-made prison is one that we are all caught in either knowingly or unknowingly and this comprehending guide explains how you can finally escape the iron grip of this prison.