What's Right with Me.jpg

What's Right with Me?

Written and Narrated by Breah Livolsi Parker

What's Right with Me? is an interactive workshop in an audiobook created by inspirational speaker/author and TEDx alumni Breah Parker, creator of VerbalRemedies.com. As a listener and participant, you will be guided through a 13-step process of self-reflection that utilizes graphic mirroring (drawing one's innermost passions, joys, thoughts, feelings, and truths with colorful markers!) and creates a visual depiction of who you are and the gifts you bring. You will come away with a visual reminder and sense of your gifts and talents, providing a deeper sense of self-confidence, self-appreciation, and self-love. You'll also gain a global sense of how the whole world benefits when you fully show up in it, a heightened awareness of our connection to each other, and you will have more reasons to be grateful for all you have and what you're ready to create.